Project based consultant outstaffing

Glassford Global is a provider of best in class analytical and research services. Designed by former top tier management consultants our services are tailored to address the crucial needs of the banking, consulting, legal and industrial worlds.
Outsource any analytical and consulting task: from data gathering, to advanced excel modeling and high-end slides production.
Use us as your own analytics team, that is available to you on-demand and for less cost to your budget than your own in-house analysts.

Our key differentiating advantages

competitive rates

Cheaper rates than the internal pricing of in-house analysts at most consulting firms

unique solutions

Services tailored for both typical and advanced tasks of professional services and industrial firm

always connected

24/7, 365 days a year on-demand availability


World-class data security and confidentiality protection measures

high quality

Quality of deliverables trusted by top tier consultants

Our services at glance

How you can leverage our capabilities?

Have occasional requests on different topics?

Work with us on a request-by request basis. For each of your requests we provide an estimated completion time and hours worked

How you can leverage our capabilities?

Have a series of complex interrelated tasks that are best handled by the same person?

Lease a full-time analyst for the duration of your project. The analyst may directly work with you on any of your most complex analytical tasks!

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Phone: +7 499 110 0182