Data analysis

Our analysts are able to work with massive arrays of data collected from fragmented sources, transform it into meaningful Excel pivot tables, databases, Tableau and PowerPoint charts, and derive actionable insights about the business of our clients and their customers

Our impact

An automatic data consolidation program was designed for a pharmaceutical company to gather and analyze fragmented sales data coming from numerous distributors

Our most demanded services include:

Data cleaning and standardization for excel and databases

E.g. merging data from separate cells, changing data format, reformatting of tables according to a target template

Advanced data consolidation in Excel, Access, and Tableau

E.g. cleaning up, merging various data sources, preparing pivot tables in Excel and Tableau, involving complex interim calculations and data transformation

Market analytics

E.g. customer segmentation, assessment of market historical dynamics, analysis of competitive landscape

Development of executive and operational dashboards, KPIs reporting tools

And almost any other analytical task. Just ask

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